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Building Great Teams

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Saturday, 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Session Length: 
60 minutes

Building Great Teams

Great teams make the difference between success and failure, between big opportunities and stagnation, between having fun together and dreading work. Many of us have been on great teams and not-so-great teams. While they’re easy to identify once they’re running, building and running a great team might seem like a magical game of chance. Great teams can be planned and designed, however. There is a lot of research on what makes certain teams outperform others, what motivates people and more This session will cover the above and give concrete recommendations on how to build workplace structures to improve your team's performance and ways to select new team members that will add to your results. Slides also available at
Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

We all work on teams. This session is about how teams can be deliberately cultivated and grown to be great. We will cover what characteristics of teams, people and management make for high-functioning teams and what we should all expect of ourselves if we want to be on a great team.