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Proposed Sessions

Title Speakers Length
Contiuous Collaboration: Breaking down barriers in Software projects

Drupal & Open Source is rooted in collaboration, but as we’ve grown larger as a community, and as Drupal has been adopted and adapted for more complex use cases and organizations, collaboration

Alex UA 60 minutes
Erasing the Stigma: You're Not Alone

Mental health issues are prevalent in the developer community, but we're still afraid to talk about them openly because of the associated stigma.

dorf 60 minutes
Web Components for Everyone!

Web Components are the modules of the front end! Imagine being able to add a modal, date picker or a chart to your site by simply adding an HTML tag.

chiefcll 30 minutes
Every project is a story: Applying storytelling to your client interactions

Humans think in stories. Every story follows a general pattern. Once we learn to see these patterns we can more readily create new stories.

mcdwayne 60 minutes
Composer Tips/Tricks

Lets get together to learn some tips and tricks about composer. We will start with a brief explanation of why composer and move into how to composer.

haynescw 60 minutes
Going Vertical; A Value Driven Approach to Drupal Development

One of the biggest development hurdles we face when new to any agile framework is switching from a ‘phased’ approach to a ‘vertical slice’ approach.

Nugg 30 minutes
Growth-driven Design for Drupal

Growth-driven Design embodies the philosophy that we need data to inform an optimal site design. But, how do we get that data if we have not launched?

sethviebrock 30 minutes
Everything louder than everything else: How to navigate multiple stakeholder needs through better discovery

We have all been there: a project gets defined and scope set when suddenly a new requirement becomes a 'must have' from a key stakeholder. Surely this one off addition can't hurt.

mcdwayne 60 minutes
Government of Bermuda: How to pitch, plan, and build a citizen-centric web portal with Drupal

Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic, located off the east coast of the United States, with an economy largely based on international business and tourism.

Nugg 60 minutes
Large Scale Recurring Imports in Drupal 8: Architecture and Implementation Tips

Nowadays Drupal is not simply a CMS, it's a big and complicated framework that stands behind large enterprise level websites.

amykhailova 30 minutes
Building Great Teams Great teams make the difference between success and failure, between big opportunities and stagnation, between having fun together and dreading work. dgorton 60 minutes
Becoming a distributed company: how TEN7 went from in-person to completely remote Goodbye Minneapolis, Hello World. It’s official – TEN7 is now a fully distributed company! ivanstegic 60 minutes
The Legendary Drupal 8 Media Library Unicorn

This session concentrates on one specific approach to hunting down and taming the mythical unicorn of responsive, fieldable, embeddable, captionable media entities in a Drupal 8 composer-based non-

adam_fuchs 60 minutes
SaaS! how Drupal as a service can save us all

Drupal is—as always—better and more successful than ever, but Drupal is threatened from two sides.

mlncn 60 minutes
Peak Productivity with Ivy Lee

Do you ever get to the end of your workday and wonder where the day went? Even worse - do you have days where you feel like you didn’t get anything done?

davidneedham 60 minutes
Discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery - The most important part of any project

When a project goes wrong, most of the time it fails as a result of mismatched expectations. This can be avoided for most clients by following a repeatable and thorough discovery process.

mcdwayne 60 minutes
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Drupal

Lets sit down to learn briefly about what CI and CD is and what it does for us.

haynescw 60 minutes
Parent Problems: How to Manage Life and Still Be a Great Developer

Life as a Mom (or Dad) can be hard without adding in the element of self-growth. It’s hard for us parents to take the time away and learn the things we want to know.

tessak22 30 minutes
Avoid Deep Hurting! Deployment beyond git

Deploying your site was a recipe for pain before git. Now you just need to do a pull and you're done, right?

socketwench 60 minutes
Optimizing Drupal for Digital Marketing

This talk is about understanding your customers better, and providing them with a better experience, helping them complete their tasks faster, simplifying everything.

sethviebrock 60 minutes
Twig recipes: Making Drupal 8 render the markup you want

The addition of Twig has revolutionized the way we do theming in Drupal 8. Although very powerful, it is still fairly new to most of us.

dinarcon 60 minutes
So you want to speak at a camp? Yes please!

Are you going to your local meetup or regional camp and watching sessions? Have you ever thought "I could do that" but are not sure how to get started? Well good news, this session is for you.

mcdwayne 30 minutes
Delivering Great Presentations

Maybe you get nervous when you think about speaking to a group of people.

davidneedham 60 minutes
When being nice fails: the dark arts + project management During project our colleagues and clients look to PMs for leadership and direction. But when it comes to down to it, PMs rarely have direct power over anyone involved in a project. kpoeppe 30 minutes
Get Started Developing with Alexa and Drupal

The Internet of Things revolution has ushered in a wave of “Smart Home” devices and gadgets, and with it, new opportunities for creative hacking and software development.

ambermatz, blakehall 60 minutes
Volunteer Burnout and Guide to Better Conferences

How healthy is our conference? Is this an arrangement that can last another 10 years? Let's look at how to build a sustainable conference for years to come.

minneapolisdan 60 minutes
My Own Worst Enemy

Many developers, myself included, often deal with so-called imposter syndrome.

dorf 60 minutes
8 Lessons Clients Teach Us Everyday

Even after 16 years of managing projects, I still learn from clients. Each client is a unique snowflake, amazing and challenging all in one little package…or maybe not.

lwinter 60 minutes
How to Make xDebug Your Friend

This session will talk you through how to install xDebug into your local development environment.

haynescw 60 minutes
Cloud9: Your dev environment in the cloud!

Cloud9 is your development environment, in the cloud!

davidneedham 30 minutes
OOP, Design Patterns and Drupal 8

With the switch to OOP and the inclusion of many parts of the Symfony framework, Drupal 8 has (finally) moved into the modern era of web development best practices. Let's have a look at how some of those best practices are being put to use within Drupal 8.

vegantriathlete 60 minutes